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Here at Velocity Motor Solutions, we are known as being champions for repairers.

We understand that without repairers, the rest of the motor claims process can’t exist. Velocity also believes that as it’s your business, you should be in control – making supplier decisions that benefit your business. Several work providers agree. They’ve signed a contract for Velocity to help their networks buy better to improve the profitability of their repairers. I’m sure you’ll agree that this is refreshing! So why are they doing this?

Insurers and accident management companies operate in exceptionally competitive environments. Those that have contracted with Velocity still must stay competitive, but they don’t want to involve themselves in mandating where you purchase from. They understand that their networks need to be profitable to be sustainable. A more profitable and therefore engaged repair network helps to secure capacity, means closer/better working for lower costs an a better customer journey. In letting Velocity use their scale to sign strong supply deals and then distributing the benefits to the participating repairers, these work providers understand that this will drive competitive advantage long-term.

For the repairers then, Velocity now has access to several networks comprising of a large number of bodyshop. This gives us significant purchasing power, allowing us to give you better process on your parts, paint and dry goods (with other products coming on line soon).

So you can meet with Velocity, work out what minimum benefit you could receive from participating and then make your own decision as to whether or not you choose to sign up. If you choose to, you will be improving your profitability by that minimum and you will participate in a further variable rebate; as Velocity grows, so should this additional rebate. You will also be freeing up the resource that you currently use in continually seeking out the best terms.


Please call Velocity Motor Solutions on 01606 866704 or email us on info@velocity-ms.co.uk to see how we can help you work more profitably.

We Can Help You Work More Profitably.

Please call Velocity Motor Solutions on 01606 866704 or email us on info@velocity-ms.co.uk

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