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Other Services

Velocity Motor Solutions offers insurers a range of solutions to help them control their motor repair costs, without resorting to directly interfering with the repairer supply chain and whilst enhancing their customers’ journeys. These include:

  • Network management
  • Outsourced subrogation models
  • Vehicle Manufacturers parts purchasing solutions
  • Control of paint inflation
  • 24-hour third-party capture
  • Credit hire and repair
  • Warm transfers to insurers’ partner service providers
  • Easily integrated IT solutions allowing headcount reductions and other costs such as double keying and phone traffic, whilst improving customers’ journeys
  • Cost effective and automated NPS and CSI solutions
  • Investment consultation on the UK motor-collision industry and its supply chain


Velocity Motor Solutions

Please call Velocity Motor Solutions on 01606 866704 or email us on info@velocity-ms.co.uk for an initial discussion around any of the above subjects

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